Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea STI Test Kit

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Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea STI Test Kit

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The Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Combined Test Kit contains everything you need to get tested from home, and results usually come back within two days of receipt at the lab.

1. Take the test

2. Return sample in prepaid envelope

3. Recieve Results

We can also offer treatment in the instance of a positive result. Please Note that this test is completely confidential and arrives in plain packaging to the delivery address of your choice. 

Delivery available through DPD in a 1 hour slot and to any of their 2500+ pickup shops.

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  • Includes prepaid envelope for return
  • Tests for both Chlamydia & Gonnorhea
  • Discreet - Plain Packaging
  • Free Delivery Available
  • Result Reported 48 hours after Sample Arrives at Lab

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What is the 2-in-1 Test Kit?
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Some studies have indicated that you are more susceptible to chlamydia if you are also infected with gonorrhoea. It is therefore recommended that you take the 2-in-1 STI test which has the capability of identifying whether or not you have either one of chlamydia, gonorrhoea or both of the sexually transmitted infections; this also saves you from buying both tests individually. 

The test kit is a urine test for both men and women. You send your sample away in the prepaid envelope provided to our government regulated pathology lab where your specimens will be analysed for genital chlamydia and genital gonorrhoea. This test does not analyse for throat or rectal infections. If you believe you have a throat or anal infection, please contact and visit your local sexual health clinic or GP.

The 2-in-1 test kit does not test for or detect any other sexually transmitted infections, meaning if you suspect any other type of STI, you must visit your local sexual health clinic and abstain from any sexual activity until you have confirmation of diagnosis. 

The test works best and gives the most precise results two weeks (14 days) after you have had unprotected sex; it is therefore better to wait for 14 days before you take the test, the reason for this is that it can take around two weeks for the infection to be detected in your body

What is Chlamydia?
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Chlamydia is the most common type of sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK and is most common among young people (aged 16 - 25). The infection is spread through unprotected sex (vaginal, anal, oral and sharing sex toys) and its symptoms include vaginal/penile discharge, mild stomach pain (for women) and pain or irritation in the testicles and penis (for men).

However, the reason that Chlamydia can be troublesome is because it very regularly causes no symptoms, meaning that a lot of men and women have the infection without realising. Not only does this lead to the disease being passed on and spread to more people, but Chlamydia can also cause other health complications. In women, the infection can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, stop the fallopian tubes from working properly and eventually cause infertility. In men, it can cause similar fertility problems, affecting sperm production and making conception much harder.

The infection may be passed from person to person through sexual intercourse, but the actual cause is a bacterium called “Chlamydia trachomatis”. This bacteria, when passed from one person to another, can live inside the vagina, penis and rectum, and can then be found in a man’s semen and a woman’s vaginal fluids (hence, how it is passed during sex).

Although it only takes coming into contact with the infection once in order to acquire it, you heighten your risks by having unprotected sex with multiple different partners. You should get yourself tested regularly; once a year or each time you have sex with a new partner.

What is Gonorrhoea?
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Gonorrhoea is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) which is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae or gonococcus. Gonorrhoea was formerly referred to as "the clap" as a slang term to refer to the condition. The bacteria can be found mainly in discharge from the penis and inside vaginal fluid. Gonorrhoea can be easily passed between people through vaginal, oral or anal sex and through sharing sex toys, such as vibrators that have not been washed or covered with a new condom each time they are used. 

The bacteria can infect the entrance of the womb (cervix), the tube that passes urine out of the body (urethra), the rectum and less commonly the throat or eyes. The infection can be passed from pregnant women to the baby. If you are pregnant and think you may have gonorrhea, it is important that you get tested and treated before your baby is born.

How Do I Take the 2-in-1 STI Test?
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The test kit is completely sterile and contains a sample collection box, a tube to pour your sample into, a prepaid envelope, a request form and detailed instructions on how to collect your sample, and how to get it ready to be sent over to the lab. The test is a simple urine test.

It is advised that you use urine from the first time you go to the bathroom in the morning, it is also imperative that you use the initial amount of urine that you expel from the first time you go to the bathroom. All instructions on how you collect your sample appropriately are enclosed in the test box.

Once your sample has been collected in the decanter, a sample must be poured into a tube. On the tube you pour your sample into, there is a label which requires you to fill in your name, date of birth and the date you collected your sample. Please fill all of this information in and fill all the information in on the ‘request form’ that is provided. If this information is not filled in, then the lab will not be able to test your sample and return you your results.

Place your sample and your request form in the prepaid envelope provided and send it out as quickly as possible, as this is a prepaid service you do not need to pay for postage and you can put your sample in any mailbox. The lab takes 2-3 working days to analyse your sample upon receiving your specimen.

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