Jet Lag

Jet Lag


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Jet lag occurs when travelling from one time zone to another. Sleep patterns are usually disturbed after a long flight and can cause fatigue, insomnia, poor sleep quality, and irregular sleeping patterns.

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Jet Lag Tablets

You can order jet lag treatment tablets online, from our UK registered online pharmacy service. After completing an online assessment, our prescriber will review your order and make sure the medication is suitable for you. If approved, a prescription will be passed to our pharmacy to dispense and dispatch to your chosen delivery address.

Jet Lag tablets contain melatonin, which is a drug which can be used for the prevention and treatment of jet lag. Jet lag occurs when the body finds it difficult to adjust to a new time zone. This disrupts your natural sleeping pattern and can result in several days of disturbed sleep.

Melatonin is the hormone produced by the body which helps in the regulation of when you sleep. When melatonin levels are elevated at night, this allows you to sleep. As the levels increase cyclically, it can be difficult for the body to create more melatonin when travelling, to allow you to feel sleepy at the right time.


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