Period Pain

Period Pain


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Period Pain Tablets Online

Many women experience cramping and back pain before, during, and after their period. Usually, this can be managed with heat packs and over the counter painkillers such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. However, for many women, these pains can be quite debilitating and stronger painkillers are required.

You can treat period pain online from our UK registered prescribing service.

For more information on Period Pain please visit the NHS guide here.

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What is Period Pain?

Period pain is the name used for the abdominal pain that women often experience at the end of their menstrual cycle, and throughout the length of their period. The severity of the pain is usually at its peak on your heaviest day of bleeding. The pain can affect all women differently, with some experiencing very mild pain (or none at all), while others can have very severe, debilitating pain that disrupts their daily lives.

It is usually felt as painful muscle cramps in the stomach (and sometimes back) and it can either come as short, sharp spasms or a longer, dull ache. Most women will experience period pain at some point in their life, although it can often be most intense in your adolescent years and your twenties, rather than as you get older. It’s also normal to notice differing degrees of pain on each menstrual cycle, with some being worse and others being much milder.

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