Hirsutism (Unwanted Facial Hair)

Hirsutism (Unwanted Facial Hair)


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Hirsutism is the name given to cases of excess facial or body hair in women. It is caused by a hormonal imbalance, and can sometimes cause feelings of distress.

  • Affects 1-3 women out of every 20
  • Can be a source of frustration and difficult to manage
  • Excess facial hair easy to treat with Vaniqa

You can buy treatment for hirsutism quickly and easily online using our prescribing service. Take our questionnaire, have our prescriber review it and send to the pharmacy for dispensing if approriate.

Please click here for further information on excessive hair growth (hirsutism).

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To read more about hair loss and its treatments, visit the NHS choices website. If you have not used any of the treatments before then we strongly advise that you read the patient information leaflets before use, which can all be found on medicines.org.uk.

What is Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is excessive hair growth in women, on areas where hair does not usually grow. All women experience hair growth across their whole bodies and leave a lot of areas untouched (such as the arms), but choose to remove the hair on others (such as the armpits, legs and genital region). However, it’s considered excessive hair growth when it happens in other areas such as the face (chin and upper lip in particular), chest, stomach and back.

This hair is present on all women but is usually very fine, light and short to the point where it’s virtually invisible. However, for women who suffer from hirsutism, the hair becomes darker, coarser and thicker, to the point where it’s very noticeable.

Along with the excessive hair growth some women may often experience other symptoms such as acne, other dermatological issues, deeper voice and an enlarged clitoris.


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