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Medication features

EarCalm Spray, containing the active ingredient acetic acid, has an antifungal and antibacterial affect, and works by creating an acidic environment in the ear which is difficult for infections to survive in.

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  • Relieves Minor Outer Ear Infections
  • Anti-Fungal And Anti-Bacterial
  • Active Ingredient: Acetic Acid

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What Is EarCalm Spray?

EarCalm spray is a topical treatment for minor ear infections and infections affecting the outer ear (otitis externa). It is suitable for adults and children over the age of 12. EarCalm is effective in treating minor bacterial and fungal ear infections, reducing symptoms such as pain and swelling. It can speed up healing and provide immediate relief.

EarCalm Ingredients

The active ingredient of EarCalm spray is acetic acid. One metered dose of EarCalm is 60 milligrams. EarCalm is prescribed in volumes of 5 millilitres, contained in an 8.5 ml bottle with a spray device. The inactive ingredients include Macrogol stearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 218), propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 216), and purified water.

What Is EarCalm Used For?

EarCalm is used to treat minor ear infections and external otitis, targeting the bacteria that cause these infections and relieving uncomfortable symptoms. The spray is for the treatment of minor and superficial ear infections, and shouldn’t be used to treat any other conditions.

How Does EarCalm Work?

The active ingredient of EarCalm, acetic acid, is an antibacterial agent that works to combat bacteria. It fights off the bacteria, fungi and yeast that can cause ear infections. EarCalm targets the source of your ear infection and accelerates healing, relieving symptoms such as pain, swelling and irritation.

Is EarCalm the Same as Otomize?

Like EarCalm, Otomize is an ear spray that is used to treat external ear infections. These two treatments contain different active ingredients. While EarCalm contains only acetic acid, Otomize has three active ingredients; acetic acid, as well as dexamethasone and neomycin.

The acetic acid in both sprays works to combat the bacteria, fungi or yeast that causes ear infection. The dexamethasone contained in Otomize is a corticosteroid which works by reducing inflammation in the ear canal, while neomycin is an antibiotic which, like acetic acid, fights bacteria.

EarCalm and Otomize both come in 5 ml packs, but a major difference is their availability in the UK. While EarCalm is available to buy over the counter, Otomize is a prescription-only treatment. Before you purchase Otomize, your suitability for the medicine must be assessed by a doctor. Once you have received your prescription for Otomize, you will be able to purchase the tablets from an online, high street or supermarket pharmacy.

Using Cloud Pharmacy’s online service, you can buy Otomize conveniently online after completing a consultation with one of our online pharmacists. You can then be provided with an electronic prescription and your Otomize spray can be dispensed. Your spray will be sent in a discreet package via our next-day delivery service.

EarCalm vs Otomize

The two treatments are used in very similar ways, and are both suitable for adults and children – however, while EarCalm is only suitable for children aged 12 years and over, Otomize is suitable for children aged two years and over. Both EarCalm and Otomize are used for a maximum of seven days. They also have a similar dosage, with a measured dose of 60 mg being administered three times daily (or more in the case of EarCalm). Like Otomize, EarCalm should be used until two days after symptoms have subsided, but for no longer than a week.

EarCalm and Otomize are both sprayed directly into the affected ear or ears. This is done by gently positioning the nozzle tip into the opening of the ear and pressing down once on the pump. EarCalm and Otomize should never be inhaled. The treatments should be used within one month of the first use.

EarCalm and Otomize share some side effects, such as temporary stinging or burning at the ear and irritation of the ear canal. Both treatments carry a very low risk of severe side effects such as an allergic reaction.

While EarCalm spray is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to use, Otomize is not recommended if you are pregnant or trying for a baby. That’s because there is insufficient data on the use of one of its active ingredients – dexamethasone – on pregnant women. For this reason, it is not usually advised that pregnant women use Otomize. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, speak to your doctor. They can explain the risks of using Otomize when pregnant.

Otomize ear spray is also not recommended if you are breastfeeding, as it could put you and your child at risk. There are no reports available on the use of dexamethasone or neomycin during breastfeeding, and the effects of exposure to these drugs in milk on a breastfeeding child are unknown. If you are using Otomize ear spray during pregnancy or while breastfeeding for any reason, you should stop the treatment immediately and inform your doctor.

EarCalm Spray Reviews

Online reviewers have praised EarCalm for its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of minor ear infections. The ability of the treatment to reduce ear irritation has been highlighted, and some users said that they found EarCalm more effective than other anti-bacterial drops they have previously tried. Other users have commented that aside from reducing irritation, EarCalm is also effective in relieving pain and swelling.

Users have reported that they experienced relief within days of using EarCalm and that their infection cleared up in just a few days to a week. Reviewers did not typically report any side effects.

Can You Buy EarCalm Over the Counter?

You don’t need a prescription to buy EarCalm spray in the UK. EarCalm can be purchased over the counter at your local high street or supermarket pharmacy, as well as online. However, you will need to complete a consultation in order to be approved for the medication.

For convenience, why not buy EarCalm online at Cloud Pharmacy? We’ll dispense your medicine and promptly dispatch it via our next-day delivery service once you have completed your short online consultation.

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EarCalm Dosage

EarCalm spray comes in an 8.5 ml bottle containing 5 ml of the medicine. Each spray is equal to 60 mg. For adults, children aged 12 years and over, and the elderly, the dosage of EarCalm is one spray at least three times per day into the affected ear or ears.

The maximum dosage is one spray every 2-3 hours. You may be advised to spray this frequently if you have a severe ear infection.

How Long Does EarCalm Take To Work?

You should experience an improvement in your ear infection symptoms within 48 hours of starting to use EarCalm spray. Continue to use EarCalm spray for two days after the symptoms have gone. However, you shouldn’t use EarCalm spray for longer than seven days.

If your symptoms haven’t improved within 48 hours of starting treatment with EarCalm spray, consult your doctor.

How To Use EarCalm Spray

EarCalm spray is used at least three times per day, with one 60 mg dose being sprayed at least once in the morning and evening, and after showering, bathing or swimming. The maximum dosage is one spray every 2-3 hours, which is typically necessary for severe ear infections. You should never exceed the maximum dose.

Before you use EarCalm spray, shake the bottle well. Place the tip of the nozzle gently into an affected ear, and press the pump only once to deliver the 60 mg dose. Each time you use EarCalm, you should spray only one dose into each affected ear.

Prior to using EarCalm spray for the first time, press the pump 6-10 times until a fine mist is released. If it’s been a week or more since you last used your bottle of EarCalm spray, clear the contents of the pump chamber before use. This can be done by pressing the pump once or twice before use. You should finish using a bottle of EarCalm spray within one month of starting to use the medicine.

If you have a perforated eardrum, supervision by a medical professional may be necessary when using EarCalm spray.

Side Effects
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EarCalm Spray Side Effects

Not everyone experiences side effects from EarCalm spray. Potential side effects include:

  • A stinging sensation in the ear
  • A burning sensation in the ear
  • An irritated ear canal

These side effects are typically experienced during the first few days of treatment. If you are worried about any of these side effects, or they worsen, speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Patient Information Leaflet
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EarCalm Spray Patient Information Leaflet

For more information on EarCalm, take a look at the patient information leaflet below:

EarCalm Spray Reviews

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