Cyclizine Ordering and Prescribing Policy

Abuse of Cyclizine Hydrochloride (a medication used for nausea and travel sickness) has been noted. Cloud Pharmacy must therefore adhere to a strict policy with regards to prescribing of Cyclizine to ensure the medication is used safely by our patients.

  • If we believe you are misusing and abusing our service, your details will be blacklisted and you will be blocked from ordering from any of our other services. We keep track of all orders for safety reasons, in order to provide a gold standard in care, good medical practice and patient centred care.
  • If we have a reason to believe you are ordering an excessive amount of cyclizine then we reserve the right to ask you for proof of your medical diagnosis for nausea or your travel plans such as hotel bookings or tickets.
  • If an order is placed, in which the customer has exceeded the amount they are allowed to order per calendar month, then their payment will be withheld and released after review.
  • Cyclizine should not be taken with any opioid painkillers such as codeine, solpadol, co-codamol or nurofen plus, because cyclizine will interact with the codeine to cause very unpleasant side effects. Any order that contains products containing codeine and cyclizine will be rejected.
  • Each customer will be allowed to order a maximum of 100 cyclizine tablets per calendar month (in a 30 day period).
  • If you have place an order on another website, it is important you let us know via email, telephone or the web chat. In this instance, we can either cancel your order or reduce the overall supply. 
  • Multiple orders of cyclizine to the same address are more than likely to be rejected to prevent any potential abuse of the medication.
  • If an order is declined by us, it is because of a clinical decision made by our medical prescribers. If you would like to discuss our decision further, please get in touch with us.