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Fucidin Cream

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Bactroban 2% Cream & Ointment

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Medication features

Fucidin is a cream that is used to treat a variety of superficial skin conditions. It is suitable for both adults and children. It is an antibiotic cream that tackles an infection in the same fashion as a tablet. It is most effective when applied two or three times a day for about a week.

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  • Antibiotic cream for bacterial infections
  • Treats inflammation
  • Short term use only

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Buy Fucidin Cream Online

Fucidin Cream can be ordered from our UK registered online prescribing service. Simply complete an online medical questionnaire as part of your order. This helps our prescribers make sure it is safe and suitable to prescribe for you. 

If approved by our medical team, our pharmacy team will receive a prescription. This will be dispensed and dispatched to your delivery address. 

What Is Fucidin?

Fucidin cream is a treatment for skin infections like impetigo. It is the branded name for fusidic acid. It is also available as the Fucithalmic brand. A topical treatment, Fucidin is applied to the affected area to relieve skin condition symptoms and stop the condition from worsening. Fucidin Cream is available in 15 g and 30 g tubes. 

As well as a cream, the treatment also comes as an ointment and drops. In hospitals, it is sometimes given as tablets or administered as an injection.

There is another topical treatment called Fucidin H Cream. This is very similar to Fucidin, containing the same active ingredient and treating the same skin conditions. The key difference is that Fucidin H Cream contains hydrocortisone. Like Fucidin, you require a prescription to buy Fucidin H Cream in the UK. Another treatment is Bactroban.

How Does Fucidin Cream Work?

Fusidic acid is the active ingredient in Fucidin cream. It is an antibiotic that works by preventing the growth and multiplication of bacteria that cause skin infections. Fusidic acid does this by stopping bacteria from creating proteins that they need to grow. This prevents the spreading of the infection, and eventually, with help from the immune system, kills the bacteria.

What Is Fucidin Cream Used For?

Fucidin Cream is a treatment for several bacterial infections, including impetigo and eczema – also known as atopic dermatitis – is a skin condition that affects one in five children and one in ten adults in the UK. It causes dry and red skin patches which can itch. If eczema isn’t treated, it can develop into a recurring problem that becomes more severe. 

Not only eczema and impetigo treatment, but Fucidin Cream can also be used to treat other skin conditions such as:

  • Infected areas of dermatitis
  • Infected areas of psoriasis
  • Hair follicle infections
  • Nail infections
  • Infected wounds

For more information about common skin conditions, please read our article on ‘Eczema And Psoriasis: What’s The Difference?

You should not attempt to use Fucidin Cream to treat:

  • Boils
  • Spots
  • Cysts
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Thrush
  • Cold sores

Fucidin and Pregnancy

You can use Fucidin when you are pregnant, as a minimal amount of fusidic acid - the active ingredient of Fucidin – reaches the baby. This small volume won’t cause any harm. There is no evidence of fusidic acid-reducing fertility in men or women.

Fucidin can also be used when you are breastfeeding because it is improbable that fusidic acid will enter your breastmilk. When applying Fucidin, you should be careful that your baby doesn’t touch the areas of your body where you have applied the cream.  When you have applied the cream, always wash your hands before you pick up your baby. When applying Fucidin to the nipples or breasts, ensure that you wash the area before breastfeeding. If you have any concerns related to Fucidin Cream and breastfeeding, ask your doctor for advice.

Fucidin vs Fucibet

Like Fucidin, Fucibet is a topical treatment for eczema that comes in cream form. It can also treat other bacterial skin infections such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Fucidin and Fucibet both contain the active ingredient fusidic acid. Fucibet contains a second active ingredient, betamethasone.

Fucibet is a dual-action medicine. The fusidic acid contained in its ingredients combats the bacterial infection, while betamethasone has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Unlike Fucidin, Fucibet can be used for as long as two weeks. But if your condition has not improved after seven days, it should be discontinued. Both Fucidin and Fucibet are prescription-only medications that are not available over the counter in the UK. You will need to have your suitability assessed by a doctor before you are issued a prescription. While Fucibet comes in 30 g or 60 g tubes, Fucidin Cream is usually available in either a 15 g or 30 g tube.

Brulidine vs Fucidin

Brulidine Cream is a treatment for mild skin infections, as well as minor burns and nappy rash. Its active ingredient is dibrompropamidine, as opposed to fusidic acid, which is the active ingredient of Fucidin Cream. Dibrompropamidine is an antimicrobial agent that is used to treat skin infections. It does this by preventing fungi and bacteria from growing and increasing in numbers, thereby clearing the infection.

You require a prescription to buy Fucidin Cream in the UK, but this is not the case with Brulidine Cream. Brulidine is available over the counter in the UK – you do not require a prescription to purchase the treatment. While Fucidin is predominantly used to treat bacterial skin infections, Brulidine has a wider range of uses. As well as superficial bacterial skin infections, it can also be used as a first-aid treatment for open injuries, a treatment for fungal skin infections such as scalp ringworm, and outer ear canal infections.

Fucidin Cream Reviews

Users have commented online about the effectiveness that Fucidin has in easing symptoms such as itching and swelling. Some reviewers have mentioned the cooling sensation that they feel after application. Others have cited how Fucidin can help to clear up rashy areas of the skin that are caused by bacterial infections.

Many have reported that Fucidin tends to work a lot quicker than other creams on the market. Some have even gone on to say that it cleared up their skin condition in just a couple of weeks.

Can I Buy Fucidin Cream Over the Counter?

Fucidin Cream is prescription only in the UK. You can’t buy Fucidin over the counter, as it contains the active ingredient fusidic acid, which is an antibiotic. Before you are issued a prescription for Fucidin, a doctor needs to assess your suitability for the medication via a quick consultation. 

You can have a consultation for Fucidin at Cloud Pharmacy and buy Fucidin online. After you complete a short online consultation, we can confirm your suitability for the medication. Your Fucidin will then be dispensed and sent to you via our next-day delivery service.

Fucidin Cream Summary

Active IngredientFusidic Acid 2%
Type of MedicineAntibiotic Cream
Works byKills bacteria on the surface of the skin
Effective withinImprovement seen within a few days
Size15g or 30g Cream
PriceFrom £9.39
Side EffectsCan include skin irritation, stinging and burning.
ManufacturerLeo Laboratories

Side Effects
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Fucidin Cream Side Effects

Side effects from Fucidin Cream are unusual. Less than one in 100 people will get skin irritation from the treatment. The potential side effects of Fucidin include: 

  • Skin redness
  • Irritation at the application site
  • Itching
  • Stinging at the application site
  • Rash 

If you have any concerns about the side effects related to Fucidin, stop using the treatment and inform your pharmacist or doctor.

When using Fucidin over large areas of the body, side effects are more likely to occur.

Patient Information Leaflet
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For more information on Fucidin Cream medication, visit the Patient Information Leaflet below:

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How to Apply Fucidin Cream

Before applying Fucidin Cream, wash your hands with soap and warm water. Take a small amount of the cream on your fingers and apply a thin layer over the affected area. If applying Fucidin on your face, you should take care not to get the cream in your eyes. If any of the cream does get in your eyes, wash them immediately using cold water. After each time you apply Fucidin, wash your hands. You should always follow the instructions in the patient information leaflet that accompanies your Fucidin Cream.

Fucidin is usually applied three or four times per day, but your pharmacist or doctor will instruct on how many times per day you should apply Fucidin. If Fucidin hasn’t improved your skin condition after a few days, you should speak to your doctor. You should always finish your course of Fucidin Cream as instructed by your doctor, as this will prevent the infection from recurring and becoming resistant to the medication.

How Long Does Fucidin Take To Work?

A course of Fucidin Cream is usually seven days, and not over ten days. You should see an improvement in your condition a few days after starting to use Fucidin. You should use the cream for as long as your doctor instructs, even if you feel better; continue to use Fucidin until you finish the course.

If your infection has not improved after using Fucidin cream for seven days, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. If you feel worse at any time during your course, you should let your doctor know.

Fucidin Cream FAQs
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What is Fucidin cream used for?

Fucidin cream uses include treating skin infections such as infected eczema, impetigo, and cuts that have become infected. It is also known as fusidic acid cream or ointment.

Is Fucidin cream a steroid?

The cream contains the active ingredient fusidic acid, which is not a steroid. Other creams are available to treat infections that do contain a steroid such as Fucidin H cream and Fucibet cream.

How long does Fucidin take to work?

Your skin condition should improve after a few days of using the treatment. If you find that after 7 days your skin hasn’t improved, or has worsened, you should seek medical advice from your GP.

Can I buy Fucidin cream over the counter?

Fucidin cream, in the UK, is a prescription-only medicine and you cannot buy it over the counter. However, you can request to order Fucidin online from UK registered online services - like Cloud Pharmacy. We ask that you complete an online consultation as part of your order, for our medical team to assess. Our prescription price is already included in the Fucidin cream price.

Fucidin Cream Reviews

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