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Noriday (Norethisterone) Mini Pill

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Noriday (Norethisterone) Mini Pill

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Noriday tablets are oral contraceptives that contain the active ingredient norethisterone, a synthetic version of one of the female sex hormones – progesterone. It is a progesterone-only pill, unlike the combined contraceptive pills that contain both progesterone and estrogen.

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  • Overview

    How does Noriday work?

    Each Noriday pill has 0.35 milligrams of synthetic progestogen, norethisterone, in it to prevent pregnancy and is nearly 100% effective in doing so. By managing the hormones, Noriday can stop conception in a couple of different ways; by thickening the lining in the cervix, by altering the womb lining so that an egg cannot attach and it can also prevent an egg from being release altogether.

    To be so successful, Noriday must be taken correctly. For example, if you skip a pill or miss the timeframe in which to take one, this will diminish its effectiveness. For more advise on what to do if you miss a Noriday pill, check our main mini pill page.

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  • How do I take Noriday?

    Noriday contains 28 pills in each blister pack meaning it is taken continuously without a seven-day break. Once you've finished one blister pack, you move straight on to the next one. If taken on the first day of your period, you will be immediately protected. For any other day of the month, use barrier contraception for seven days after.

    • Start the next pack immediately
    • Take all 28 pills in the blister pack
    • You have a three hour window to take the pill
    • Pills can be taken with or without food
    • Noriday must be taken around the same time everyday
    • If taken outside this window, effectiveness may diminish
    • Don't have a seven-day break
    • Noriday is available in both three-month and six-month

     As the margin of error can be small, to avoid forgetting to take the pill, you can leave a note next to your alarm clock, set an alarm clock on your phone or any other type of reminder. Taking Noriday first thing in the morning or evening can also make remembering easy.

  • FAQ

    • Up to 99% effective in preventing pregnancy
    • Progestogen-only pill
    • Suitable for most women, including those who are breastfeeding
  • Side Effects

    Mini pills such as Noriday rarely cause side effects, and if so, these tend to be mild and/or temporary. As Noriday only contains progestogen, this means that it is not only highly tolerable but can be used by smokers, women over the age of 35 and for women who suffer from migraines. If you're trying Noriday for the first time, you are encouraged to stick with it for at least three months, as sometimes your body needs time to adjust to the medication. Some side effects associated with Noriday include spotting (bleeding between periods), headaches, slight weight gain and nausea. You may also notice a change in your sex drive. For the full list of side effects, you can read the patient leaflet attached to the right of this page. When buying any medication, you should always follow doctor recommendations and read the medicine information provided in each pack fully.

    Noriday pills have a few precautions to take into account. These include the following:

    • History of breast cancer, liver cancer or gallbladder disease
    • Obesity or diabetes
    • Family history of hereditary blood disorders
    • If you have had a history of abnormal vaginal bleeding
    • Family history of breast cancer
    • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients
    • High cholesterol
    • If you have major surgery approaching

    When answering a consultation regarding Noriday, you should always put all medical history and current medications to ensure it is safe for you to use.

    It's always worth remembering that Noriday doesn't offer any protection for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Barrier contraception – the most popular being male condoms - are the best option to significantly reduce the risk of contracting an infection. If you experience diarrhoea or vomiting when taking combined contraceptives, effectiveness can diminish and you should refer to the missed pill protocol.