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Ventolin Inhaler

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Medication features

Ventolin asthma inhaler contains the active ingredient Salbutamol which is a fast-acting treatment for asthma. On inhalation, it relaxes the passage to the lungs which allows the patient to breathe easier. 

Please note that as a responsible online healthcare provider, we can only supply a maximum 2 inhalers over a 3 month period. If you require more, then you should see your GP for an asthma review.

Please note: This page is only to be used as a reference of our price for this medication. If you are approved you will be offered treatment for you and the prescriber to jointly consider. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber's.
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  • Buy Ventolin Inhaler Online

    Cloud Pharmacy is the best place to buy ventolin inhalers in the UK as we offer free delivery.

    You can find more information on the NHS website

  • What is a Ventolin Inhaler?

    Ventolin is an inhaler used in the treatment of acute symptoms of asthma. The inhaler contains the medicine salbutamol which relaxes the airways in the lungs. 

    Symptoms of asthma include breathlessness, wheeze and/or tight feeling in chest. The ventolin inhaler is often known as a “reliever” and the “blue inhaler.

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  • What is the Blue Asthma Inhaler?

    The Ventolin brand of Salbutamol inhaler comes in a blue casing.

  • How does the Ventolin Inhaler work?

    Ventolin is a bronchodilator which works by relaxing the passage to the airways to widen them and thus make breathing easier.

  • Where to Buy Ventolin inhaler?

    You can safely purchase the blue inhaler from Cloud Pharmacy. Our online doctor service will review your consultation and prescribe if appropriate. The pharmacy will then despatch this to you in plain packaging.

  • How do I use the Ventolin Inhaler?

    It is for inhalation only and can be inhaled every 4 to 6 hours up to four times a day. Please see this link for instructions on how to safely use this -<a href="" target

  • How long does the Blue inhaler take to work?

    Salbutamol inhaled provides a quick relief so the effect should take place immediately. You should begin to feel your symptoms ease after a few minutes.