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Dymista Nasal Spray is an effective hay fever treatment containing an antihistamine and a corticosteroid, which work together to reduce inflammation and allergy symptoms.

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  • Overview

    What is Dymista Nasal Spray
    Dymista is a dual action nasal spray used to help relieve nasal symptoms of allergies in individuals over the age of 12 years old. Commonly used in hayfever, Dymista contains two active ingredients. Azelastine is an antihistamine which works by interfering with the inflammatory pathway in the body and reduces symptoms such as swelling, redness and itchiness. Meanwhile, Fluticasone is a steroid, which also helps reduce inflammation. Combined, these ingredients are an effective treatment to reduce the common symptoms of hayfever.


  • How do I use Dymista Nasal Spray?

    Before using Dymista you will need to blow your nose to clear both nostrils, then slightly tilt your head back, and slowly exhale, using your free hand close the nostril you are not spraying. Push down and on the pump and take 1 spray into your nostril, repeat for the other side. This can be done a maximum of twice daily, and you should start to see some effects within 30 to 60 minutes, but it can take on some occasions a few days to get the full benefit.

  • Can I use Dymista Nasal Spray long term?

    Dymista Nasal Spray can be used on a long term basis, if instructed to do so by your Doctor or Health professional, it is advised that you should only use when required.

  • Can I use Dymista Nasal Spray if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

    No. It is advised that you should not use Dymista Nasal Spray if you are pregnant or breastfeeding until you have spoken with your Doctor or Health professional.

  • Can I take Dymista Nasal Spray with Alcohol?

    Using Alcohol whilst taking Dymista Nasal Spray can increase your chances of suffering the side effects of the medication, however, if alcohol is used in moderation while taking Dymista there should be no issues.

  • Does using Dymista Nasal Spray cause weight gain?

    There is no proof that using Dymista Nasal Sprays causes weight gain if you think you are gaining weight using Dymista it is advised that you speak to your Doctor or Health professional.