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Rozex 0.75% Cream & Gel

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Medication features

Rozex cream is a prescription-strength medication used to treat rosacea, a skin condition similar to acne and prevalent among adults. The cream is an antimicrobial substance that contains the antibiotic metronidazole.

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  • Effective treatment for Rosacea
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antibiotic based topical gel
  • Treats pimples and redness associated with rosacea

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Buy Rozex Gel or Rozex Cream Online

Rozex Gel or Cream can be ordered from our UK registered online prescribing service. Simply complete an online medical questionnaire as part of your order. This helps our prescribers make sure it is safe and suitable to prescribe for you. 

If approved by our medical team, our pharmacy team will receive a prescription. This will be dispensed and dispatched to your delivery address. Only people currently prescribed this by their GP can request this medicine.

What Is Rozex?

Rozex is a topical medication that is used to treat rosacea and, sometimes, infected wounds. It contains an antibiotic called metronidazole with a concentration of 0.75% by volume.

The cream is used to treat inflammation like papules and pustules that are common symptoms of rosacea. Metronidazole is classified as an antiprotozoal or antibacterial compound. It is known as a nitroimidazole antibiotic.

What Is Rozex Used For?

Topical creams containing metronidazole like Rozex are used to reduce the redness and bumpiness associated with rosacea. Rosacea causes redness, swelling, papules and pustules in affected individuals.

Rozex cream reduces the appearance of spots and swelling when it is used consistently.

Rozex vs Soolantra

Soolantra cream is another prescription medication that is commonly used to treat the symptoms associated with rosacea. Unlike Rozex cream, it doesn’t contain metronidazole. Instead, the medication is classified as an antiparasitic agent (it kills mites on the skin that release bacteria which may be the cause of rosacea) and contains ivermectin as the active ingredient.

Soolantra also has a significantly longer recommended treatment course of up to 4 months than Rozex which is typically nine weeks. If you have had limited success with either Rozex or Soolantra, it might be worth discussing switching with your doctor.

Rozex Cream and Alcohol

Consuming alcohol while treating rosacea with Rozex can sometimes lead to a reaction due to interactions between metronidazole and alcohol. This is a relatively rare occurrence, but some people may experience flushing, a throbbing pain in the neck and head, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and other symptoms when consuming alcohol and using Rozex.

Because of this possible interaction between the medication and alcohol, patients using topical metronidazole creams to treat rosacea should avoid over consumption of alcohol. It is advised to avoid all products containing alcohol during treatment and for up to three days after completion.

Can I Use Rozex While Pregnant?

If you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, you should discuss this with your doctor before using Rozex cream.

While there isn’t much information available about the possible effects of using Rozex cream while pregnant, the medication is not recommended for pregnant individuals.

Additionally, you should talk to your doctor if you are breastfeeding or are planning on breastfeeding during the treatment. A medical professional can advise you on the potential risks of using the medication whilst breastfeeding.

Rozex Cream Reviews

Generally, people that use Rozex to treat rosacea have positive experiences.

Progress is typically quite slow with the medication, but after a few weeks to months, the results are generally positive. This reinforces the notion that people who begin using Rozex cream for rosacea should always complete the treatment as prescribed.

Often, results are not immediate, and some people report that the skin often gets worse before it starts getting better..

Rozex Cream Over the Counter

As a prescription-strength medication, Rozex is not available for purchase over the counter in pharmacies. You will need to consult with a medical professional who will assess your condition and might prescribe the cream to treat your rosacea.

Cloud Pharmacy makes the process of buying Rozex cream online simple. Following a short online consultation, one of our trained pharmacists will prescribe and dispatch your medication which you will receive the very next day.

Patient Information Leaflet
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Rozex Cream Patient Information Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at, or by contacting us.

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How to Use Rozex Cream

When you are using Rozex cream, it is advised that you follow a disciplined approach to the treatment.

  • You should always wash and dry your hands before applying the ointment to the affected areas
  • Squeeze a small amount of the cream onto your fingertips and massage this onto areas for treatment. Rozex should form a thin film over the places affected by rosacea
  • Avoid getting the cream into your eyes or inside your nose and mouth. If this happens, wash thoroughly with water immediately. This process should be repeated twice a day (in the morning and evening)

While you are using the medication, you should also tell any doctors or nurses treating you for other ailments that you are on a course of Rozex.

Additionally, if you do not think that Rozex cream is helping you, speak to your doctor or pharmacist who might advise a different rosacea treatment.

Finally, you should update your doctor if you become pregnant during the treatment.

How Long Can I Use Rozex For?

The length of treatment using Rozex varies from person to person. As such, you should follow the instructions your doctor provides before you start using it. Typically, treatment courses using this medication last for around nine weeks. During this period, you will likely need to apply it twice a day every day.

In some cases, you may be required to continue with the treatment for longer. Sometimes, people need to continue using the cream for longer than usual before their rosacea clears up fully.

Side Effects
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Rozex Gel Side Effects

Like all medications, some people might experience side effects when treating skin conditions with Rozex. These will not affect everyone, but it is important to be aware of them before beginning treatment with Rozex cream.

Side effects that are considered common include:

  • Dryness of the treated area
  • Redness and itching
  • Burning or stinging sensations

Customer reviews state that a normal part of using Rozex cream is that the rosacea often gets worse before it gets better. If you don’t see any immediate effects, give it some time. If after a while you are still not seeing any results, consult with your doctor or pharmacist who will be able to advise as to an alternative course of rosacea treatment.

If you experience prolonged side effects listed below, cease using the treatment and speak to your doctor:

  • Nausea
  • Metallic taste in the mouth

How Long Does Rozex Take To Work?

Rozex typically doesn’t take very long to start working. Once you start your rosacea treatment it will generally take around two to three months for your skin to clear and spots to go away.

It should also help to reduce the redness, inflammation, and other rosacea symptoms you might have during this time.

However, the effectiveness of the treatment will likely depend on the severity of your rosacea and its associated symptoms. As such, the medication may work faster or slower, depending on your specific circumstances. Even if you do not notice a difference while using Rozex, it is still recommended that you finish the prescribed course of treatment.

Can Rozex Make Rosacea Worse?

While Rozex is a clinically approved treatment for rosacea and most people use it to successfully manage their symptoms, some people may find that it causes some skin irritation.

Tingling or burning is fairly common after application. This is a normal response as the active ingredient is present at a relatively high concentration. This can be irritating and can cause the skin to look redder or more inflamed. Typically, this skin irritation will last a few minutes, but it can go on for longer.

Based on customer reviews, it is common for the skin condition to worsen before getting better when using Rozex cream. This is why it is advisable that you always complete the prescribed course of treatment as set out for you by your doctor or pharmacist.

Rozex 0.75% Cream & Gel FAQs
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What is Rozex?

Rozex is a gel containing the antibiotic and antiprotozoal medicine, metronidazole. It is used to treat pustules and pimples (and the redness & inflammation associated with them) found on the face in mild to moderate rosacea. It is not related to penicillin and can be used with penicillin allergies.

How does Rozex work?

Metronidazole, the active ingredient in Rozex gel, interferes with DNA inside bacterial and protozoan cells and prevents new DNA from being formed. This kills existing bacteria and stops bacteria from being formed. This helps to treat the infection and reduce rosacea symptoms.

How do I apply Rozex?

  1. Wash and dry your face first.
  2. Using a clean finger, apply a thin layer of Rozex gel evenly over the affected area twice daily.
  3. Avoid applying the gel to wet skin as it may run in to eyes or mouth.
  4. Rozex is not to be used anyone under the age of 18.
  5. Avoid getting gel in the eyes, mouth or nostrils and wash with plenty of water if this occurs.
  6. Rozex gel becomes ineffective when exposed to strong sunlight or sun lamps. Use a high factor sun cream when exposed to strong UV light to ensure Rozex remains effective.
  7. Apply any cosmetics or make up after the gel has been absorbed and dried.

Is it safe to use Rozex continuously?

Rozex needs to be used continuously for a least a few weeks for the positive effects to be seen. If you miss an application, apply it when you can. If it’s time for the next treatment by the time you remember, don’t apply it twice. Forget about the missed treatment and resume your normal schedule. Do not apply Rozex more than twice a day, or use a double dose in any circumstances.

How long will It take for Rozex to work?

Depending on the case, it can take a few weeks of continuous use before the positive effects of Rozex become apparent.

Can I wear make up with Rozex?

Yes, you can. You just need to apply the Rozex first and allow it to absorb and dry before you apply make up and/or any other cosmetics

Is Rozex an antibiotic?

Yes, you can. You just need to apply the Rozex first and allow it to absorb and dry before you apply make up and/or any other cosmetics

How should Rozex be stored?

You should store your Rozex Gel 0.75% at room temperature at or below 25°C, but do not keep in a fridge or freezer.

Can Rozex irritate my skin?

In rare cases, yes. If your skin becomes irritated when using this gel, try using it less frequently or have a break for a few days. Consult a healthcare professional is this persists.

Rozex 0.75% Cream & Gel Reviews

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