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Malarone Tablets

Quantities 250mg/100mg
1 Week (16 Tablets)£30.99
2 Weeks (23 Tablets)£39.99
3 Weeks (30 Tablets)£47.99
4 Weeks (37 Tablets)£59.99
6 Weeks (51 Tablets)£79.99
8 Weeks (65 Tablets)£98.99
10 Weeks (79 Tablets)£117.99
3 Months (93 Tablets)£123.99
6 Months (193 Tablets)£230.99
12 Months (386 Tablets)£457.99

Doxycycline - Malaria Prevention

Quantities 100mg
1 Week (37 Capsules)£16.99
2 Weeks (44 Capsules)£21.99
3 Weeks (51 Capsules)£28.99
4 Weeks (58 Capsules)£34.99
6 Weeks (72 Capsules)£42.99
8 Weeks (86 Capsules)£49.99
10 Weeks (79 Capsules)£58.99
3 Months (142 Capsules)£63.99
6 Months (212 Capsules £79.99
12 Months (366 Capsules)£149.99
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Medication features

Malarone is a combination of atovaquone and proguanil. It is used in the prevention and treatment of malaria caused by the bites of Anopheles mosquitoes.

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  • Genuine medication
  • Effective medicine
  • Prevents and treats malaria
  • Kills the parasite that causes the infection
  • All drugs sourced in the UK

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What is Malarone?

Malarone is an antimalarial treatment used to treat moderate to severe cases of malaria. With effectiveness against the parasite that has formed a resistance to chloroquine, Malarone should be taken before your trip abroad and over the duration as a preventative treatment to significantly reduce the chance of you contracting the infection from the malaria parasite (plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite). Malarone can be taken to prevent infection through mosquito bites if you are visiting most of Africa, Americas and Asia, and will be recommended by your doctor after your consultation.

Side Effects
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Side effects of Malarone are extremely rare and tend to pass quickly as this medication is only taken for a limited time, however some can include headaches, nausea or itching. There are other side effects to be wary of and before buying any medication, it's important to read the patient leaflet attached at the right of this page.

Malarone is available to buy for most, however you will not be recommended it if you are, have or have had:

  • Less than 40kg in weight
  • Allergies to any of the ingredients
  • Severe kidney disease
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

There are some medications that can interfere with the effectiveness of Malarone and you may be advised alternative treatment or another process by your doctor. Some of the medications include metoclopramide and tetracycline.

About Malarone
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Malarone is the original branded version of the combination medication, atovaquone, and proguanil. As GSK, the company who discovered and produced Malarone, have now lost exclusivity over manufacture, there are now less expensive versions of Malarone available. Sometimes known as 'generic malarone', these options contain exactly the same active ingredient as Malarone and is medically equivalent. These are still manufactured to the highest standards, yet generic Malarone is significantly cheaper than the original branded Malarone.

Visit the Fit For Travel site before completing the online consultation, and find out if Malarone if the antimalarial you need.

How to use Malarone?
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A course of Malarone is taken for as long as or less than other malaria tablets, as they are stronger than other forms that don't have a resistance to chloroquine, however the daily process is the same for everybody:

  • Eating around ingestion may make the tablets more effective
  • Take one tablet once a day with water
  • Start the course up to two days before your trip
  • Continue the course seven days after you have returned

Despite using Malarone up to nine days either side of your trip, it is not recommended to continue taking the medication for over 28 days.

Buy Malarone Online
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You can order Malarone online here at Cloud Pharmacy. We provide a completely free, confidential and bespoke consultation so that our UK doctors can make sure that this medication is right and safe to use for you. If our doctor believes Malarone is right for you to use based on the medical and travel information you provided during your consultation, you will be able to buy Malarone or any other treatments our doctor may recommend. All of our orders are dispatched from our registered UK pharmacy with free next day delivery.

  • There is no wait time for appointments and prescriptions
  • Fast and free next day delivery
  • No need for an inconvenient face-to-face appointment
  • Discretion is guaranteed

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250mg/100mg 1 Week (16 Tablets) £30.99
250mg/100mg 2 Weeks (23 Tablets) £39.99
250mg/100mg 3 Weeks (30 Tablets) £47.99
250mg/100mg 4 Weeks (37 Tablets) £59.99
250mg/100mg 6 Weeks (51 Tablets) £79.99
250mg/100mg 8 Weeks (65 Tablets) £98.99
250mg/100mg 10 Weeks (79 Tablets) £117.99
250mg/100mg 3 Months (93 Tablets) £123.99
250mg/100mg 6 Months (193 Tablets) £230.99
250mg/100mg 12 Months (386 Tablets) £457.99