Saxenda Needles - Carepoint Pen Needles 6mm 31g x 100

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Medication features

These are extra needles suitable for Saxenda Weight Loss Pen.

We sell boxes of 100 GlucoRX Carepoint Needles which are 6mm in length. These are suitable for Saxenda and other insulin pens.

Cloud Pharmacy provides enough needles complimentary for your pens however these can be ordered as spare.

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  • Sterile Needles
  • Universal fit
  • Compatible with all insulin delivery devices inlcuding Saxenda
  • Electropolished needle with high grade siliconization

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Buy Needles For Saxenda Online

You can buy Saxenda needles online from Cloud Pharmacy. We offer needles in boxes of 100 which can be delivered straight to your door via a fast and discreet next-day delivery.

Always store needles and other medical devices out of sight and reach from children and pets.

Are Saxenda Needles Free?

While we do include free needles when you buy Saxenda pens online from our UK registered pharmacy, we also offer the ability to buy needles separately for those who require more.

You don't need to have ordered Saxenda before to buy GlucoRX needles from us, nor do you need a prescription to buy Saxenda needles from Cloud Pharmacy.

Saxenda Needles Explained

Saxenda is a weight loss medicine which is injected into the body in order to suppress your appetite and reduce cravings for certain foods. It is designed to be used alongside more traditional weight loss methods such as exercise and dieting. The treatment is contained within injectable pens and in order to administer it properly, you need to use needles which are suitable to use with these specific pens.

The pack which a Saxenda pen comes in does not include needles and these are in fact sold separately instead. But here at Cloud Pharmacy, we are able to provide GlucoRx Carepoint pen needles which are suitable to use with Saxenda injection pens.

When you order Saxenda from our website, we provide enough needles for free with each pen you order from us. However, you can also order boxes of 100 Saxenda needles separately if you wish. You can order one or multiple boxes of needles with ease from our website.

Each of the 100 needles provided in a GlucoRX carepoint box are individually packaged, sterilised and ready to use. The needles are latex free and are made of stainless steel. They also feature a three bevel tip for easy and atraumatic penetration.

How to Use Saxenda Needles

  • You should use a new needle every time you administer a dose of Saxenda.
  • Peel away the paper tab from the base of the needle packaging.
  • Push the needle onto the pen and twist it clockwise (to the right) until it is tight.
  • Carefully remove the outer needle protector and inner needle protector being careful not to prick yourself with the needle.
  • Once you have used the needle, remove it from the injector pen and discard it in a sharps bin.

Do not keep using the same needle. Repeated use of needles can cause blockages and damage to the needle, affecting the flow of the medicine and can impact the doseage you receive. Learn more about how to use Saxenda needles here.

Cloud Pharmacy can provide a sharps bin for free with every order of Saxenda pens. If you would like to buy a sharps bin on its own, then it is also possible to do this on our website.

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Fastest delivery available: 19/07/2024

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