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Medication features

Emla Cream is a local anaesthetic or numbing medication that contains lidocaine and prilocaine. Local anaesthetics are used to reduce sensation in the penis to delay ejaculation.

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  • Reduces sensitivity to delay ejaculation
  • Apply 15 - 20 minutes before sex
  • Highly effective

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Buy EMLA Cream for Premature Ejaculation Online

You can request to buy EMLA cream for premature ejaculation (PE) online, from our UK registered online pharmacyand prescribing service. After completing your assessment and checking out, your order will be passed to our UK registered prescribers for review. If approved, our pharmacy team will dispense and dispatch your medication to your chosen address. 

Priligy is an alternative oral medication for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This medication is indicated in men who ejaculate within 2 minutes of sexual intercourse.

For more information on premature ejaculation, visit the NHS choices website.

About EMLA cream

EMLA Cream, in the UK, is a commonly used anaesthetic cream which is applied directly to the skin for various reasons, such as before injections or minor surgical procedures. EMLA cream can also be used as a premature ejaculation cream. This is the online doctor page for premature ejaculation. If you would like to buy EMLA cream for another reason, visit our shop page.

EMLA Cream contains two active substances called lidocaine and prilocaine. EMLA acts as a local anaesthetic by numbing the surface of the skin for a short time. This reduces sensitivity in the area of skin that it’s applied to. When applied to the tip of the penis, this reduces sensitivity and can help to delay ejaculation in some men.  

How to use EMLA cream for Premature Ejaculation

EMLA numbing cream needs to be applied 15 to 20 minutes before sex as a treatment for premature ejaculation. You should leave the cream to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off completely before having sex. EMLA is for the use on intact skin only and it should not be applied to grazes, wounds or over a rash.

Please note that delaying premature ejaculation is an ‘off-label’ use of EMLA.

All medications we offer are fully licensed within the UK. Some medications, like this one, we prescribe for conditions or circumstances that are outside of the licence (also known as ‘off-label’). Prescribing ‘off-label’ is common practice by healthcare professionals to ensure a medication can safely benefit as many patients as possible. This is always based on updated information and evidence since the product first became available.

Is EMLA Cream effective for delaying ejaculation?

Studies have shown that anaesthetic creams can be effective at increasing the time it takes to ejaculate during sex. As with any medicine, how well it works can differ for different people.

EMLA Cream Alternatives

A common treatment used to delay ejaculation is Priligy. This medicine is taken as a tablet 60 minutes to 3 hours before sex to help men with premature ejaculation. It can help to delay ejaculation for up to 12 hours after a dose. To order it, or to read more about the medicine, see our Priligy page.

Non-drug treatments for premature ejaculation include psychological and behavioural therapy. This includes strategies like the ‘stop start technique’ or the squeeze technique. More information on both can be found on the NHS page for premature ejaculation. Check with your doctor or nurse for information on psychological therapy for PE.  

Side Effects
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EMLA Cream Side Effects

EMLA is a cream that is applied directly to the skin’s surface therefore the most common side effects are related to skin irritations. These include, but are not exclusive to, forms of reaction such as swelling, burning, redness and itching.

Whilst very rare, there can be more serious side effects most commonly occurring if a patient applies too much cream or does not apply it as recommended. These peculiar side effects include breathing difficulty, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, fainting and severe drowsiness.

It’s important to seek medical help immediately should you experience any serious side effects when using this product. Please contact 999 for medical emergencies and 111 for medical advice that is not necessarily an emergency.

Whilst EMLA cream has been proven to be popular and highly beneficial to men suffering from premature ejaculation, it may not be suitable for everyone. Although very rare it should be avoided by people who have allergies to either lidocaine or prilocaine OR have certain rare genetic blood disorders.

Patient Information Leaflet
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Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. 

These can be found on medicines.org by typing them into the search bar.

How Does EMLA cream work?
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Sensation or stimulation is triggered by the activation of pain receptors at nerve endings. Part of the nerve changes its overall charge, the charge changes when sodium enters through the nerve ending. Once the charge reaches a threshold, a signal is sent to the brain.

EMLA cream contains both lidocaine and prilocaine, both of which are local anaesthetics that will numb the area it is applied to. The application of Emla blocks the effects of nerve stimulation temporarily. This prevents the build-up of an electric signal and the passing along nerve fibres to the brain. When Emla is applied to the tip of the penis it reduces the sensation in that area only and therefore prolongs the period of time it takes a man to ejaculate if sensation is the only reason causing the premature ejaculation.

How Do I Apply EMLA Cream?
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Use Emla cream as directed by your doctor or as according to the instructions on the product label. Do not apply the cream in large quantities to the area unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

Your doctor will normally give you instructions on how much medicine to use and how long to leave it on the skin. Follow these directions carefully.

If you use too much of Emla cream, your body may absorb too much of the local anaesthetic, especially if you apply it over large skin areas or if you apply heat on the treated skin areas. Try to avoid using the cream on areas of the skin that are cut or irritated as this may also increase the level of absorption.

For men a thick layer of the cream should be applied to the penis and allowed to sit for 15 minutes prior to having sex. It is important to note that you should wipe of all of the cream thoroughly prior to engaging in sexual intercourse and dispose of the cream appropriately. There should be no traces on your skin before entering your partner.



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