Bio-Oil 200ml For Scars, Stretch Marks And Uneven Skin Tone

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Bio-Oil 200ml For Scars, Stretch Marks And Uneven Skin Tone

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Registered UK Pharmacy number 9010794

Medication features

Bio-Oil is the world's leading scar and stretch mark product, and can also be used to minimise the appearance of uneven, ageing or dehydrated skin.

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Helps with stretch marks, scars and cellulite
  • Delivers radiance
  • Long-Lasting

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Bio-oil is a product used to reduce the appearance of scars, uneven skin tones and stretch marks. Our skin is the largest breathing organ on the body so naturally, it is important to look after it. Bio-oil, with its secret formulation, help reduce the appearance of both old and new scars, as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy and growth spurts. Bio-oil also tried to even out skin tone and reduces patchy-looking skin caused by excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes and blemishes.

Side Effects
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Before using this product, you should always first check that it is suitable for you and any of your associated medical conditions. Do not take Bio-Oil if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Take care with this product and do not get it on your eyes, mouth, or nose.

You should cease using Bio-Oil immediately and contact your doctor if you experience any side effects or if you notice signs of an allergic reaction.

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How does Bio-Oil work?

Bio-Oil is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins, completed with the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil. This makes the product light, non-greasy and easy to absorb.

What are the benefits of taking Bio-Oil?

Scars and stretch marks can lead to self-consciousness and a lack of confidence so using Bio-Oil to reduce their appearance can boost your happiness. It has been properly tested and is completely safe for use, including for pregnant women.

How do I use Bio-Oil?

The way in which you use Bio-Oil will depend on the type of skin ailment you are using it for. For scars, you should massage the oil into the skin in a circular motion twice daily for a minimum of 3 months. It’s important that this is only done on skin that has healed, not on skin that is still broken or damaged. Bio-Oil is also not capable of removing scars but it does reduce their appearance.

For stretch marks, you need to massage the oil into the skin in a circular motion twice daily for a minimum of 3 months. If you are pregnant, then commence using Bio-Oil at the start of your second trimester to areas that are prone to stretch marks (breasts, thighs, stomach, lower back, hips and buttocks). Again, Bio-Oil cannot get rid of stretch marks completely but it does improve their appearance.

For uneven, ageing or dehydrated skin, Bio-Oil should be applied to the affected areas twice daily for moisturised, supple and youthful-looking skin.

How do I buy Bio-Oil online?

You can safely buy Bio-Oil online at Cloud Pharmacy, without the need for a prescription or consultation with a medical professional, however, you should adhere to the advice given in the patient leaflet enclosed.

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