Permethrin Cream

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  • Contains 5% Permethrin
  • Treatment of scabies/crab lice
  • Works to kill scabies mite

Permethrin Cream

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Permethrin is a cream used in treating infestations of scabies, pubic lice and crab lice on the body.

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  • Overview

    What is Permethrin?
    Permethrin is a cream used in treating infestations of scabies, pubic lice and crab lice on the body. It contains the active ingredient permethrin, which works to kill the scabies mites. Generally, permethrin will be effective in controlling an infestation after just one application. To make sure your treatment is successful, read the advice on how to apply the cream carefully.

    The itching associated with scabies can continue for up to 4 weeks even after a successful application of permethrin Dermal Cream, as the dead mites and eggs are still attached to the skin. There is no need to reapply the cream within this period. You can relieve symptoms of the itch by applying itch relief creams or taking an antihistamine, however.


  • How to use Permethrin?

    For adults and children aged over 2, the cream should be applied across the whole body apart from the face and neck. Particular attention should be paid to your armpits, between fingers and toes, genital areas, buttocks and wrists. The cream should be left on overnight before washing.

    Children under the age of 2 should not use permethrin unless specifically prescribed by a doctor.

  • Further Information

    To help relieve the symptoms associated with scabies or lice, you can use an anti-histamine or anti-itch cream to relieve these symptoms if required. Examples include;

    • E45 Itch Relief
    • Cetirizine (anti-histamine tablets)
    • Loratadine (anti-histamine tablets)
    • Eurax

    These may be particularly useful even after permethrin use, as itching can continue for weeks after treatment. This does not necessarily mean you still have the mite.