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Can I Go On Holiday To Dubai During Coronavirus?

You wake up, it's dark. You leave work to come home, it's dark. Ah yes the deeply depressing  lack of sun and all things warm have well and truly disappeared. However, there is a very bright sunny light at the end of this tunnel -  whilst you may not be able to visit your favourite pub or restaurant at the moment - you are able to escape the UK and enjoy an adventure in the United Arab Emirates. Yes, you heard right!

You may have been scrolling through Instagram to find picture after picture of people posting in front of the Burj Khalifa or The Dubai Mall - it seems that everyone and their gran have gone over to Dubai these last few weeks, and it isn't surprising to find out why that is the case!  Dubai is one of the rare places left in the world where a quarantine period is not necessary (at time of writing 07/12/20). When arriving from the UK and other countries  to Dubai, you must present a negative covid test result to the authorities. The criteria for these results are quite specific. It must:

  • Only be from a Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR) Covid test - other antibody or home rapid test kits are not accepted in the UAE
  • Be within 96 hours of the date of test
  • It must be an official printed certificate offering “fit to fly” status - text messages with results on them will not be accepted (so a standard NHS test will not work)

Getting Into Dubai During The Covid-19

When you arrive in Dubai, you may be asked to take another test in the airport and you must remain in your hotel or accommodation until you get the results. For children under 12 years old and people with moderate disability are exempt from taking these tests. 

Most hotels, shopping centres, and restaurants are back to business as usual now. Public and private beaches are ready and waiting for you to soak up the sun and splash your feet in the water. In Dubai, face masks are mandatory  everywhere you go outside your bedroom, this also includes visiting the beach. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine of up to £650, the same penalty can also be given out for failing to socially distance. 

Luckily for you, here at Cloud Pharmacy we are one of a few legitimate businesses that offer the PCR testing kit complete with a fit to fly certificatewhat's better is we can send it straight to your door with next day delivery if you order before 3:30pm. So let us do the work and get your test ready whilst you pack your last minute toiletries and 4th pair of flip flops you might need. Fed up of feeling run down and looking for a last minute adventure? Head over to Dubai with return flights currently going for around £350

For more information on Coronavirus testing, check out our COVID-19 information page.

Author: Matt Jennings



Clinically Reviewed By:

Nazmul Kadir MRPharmS

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